In Pursuit of a Name

“Hmph,” Haidar muttered as he pushed past the swaying grasses of the Sangre Plains, the warm glow of a lantern-lit festival visible on the horizon. It did not take long for the adventurers of Sapience to rush to the side of the Kashari rebel as he arrived among the tents, unwearied by the journey across sea and continent alike.

The Lion offered greetings to the Sapients that flocked to him with knowledge of the tradition he brought. He spoke swiftly and clearly to all present, explaining an ancient custom of his people: the Tournament of Names.

“Every century, the owners of Kashari slaves allow one from each household to pit themselves against the others in order to earn their family name. In earning this name, a slave earns his freedom. He can sign for himself, he may have a family, he can own property, he is considered a member of society.”

“I bring this to your shores so that you may join with me in remembering a terrible crime against my people, and also so that those who wish to may experience what it is to fight ceaselessly simply to be recognised with the greatest gift that should have been innate to us all, a name. In the process of winning you may realise that you also deny others the chance to do so in their lifetimes.”

His gauntlet thrown down to the warriors of Sapience, Haidar awaited those willing to shed blood for a Name.

~ ~ ~

The tournament began on the 20th of Lupar, 898 AF. As observers looked on, dozens upon dozens of Nameless trod forest, field, road, and river across Sapience.

The battle raged for a quarter of a month as blood pooled upon blade and boot, spilling across earth and undergrowth alike. But in the end, a single soul stood victorious, the crown of a Name resting not on their brow but in the minds of all.

Atalkez, our victor.

Eighteen Nameless were forsaken at his hand before he triumphed over ancient Kashari tradition, forever scribing the name Lusaeda in the annals of history.

~ ~ ~

In second place, Kshavatra piled up nineteen bodies in pursuit of a Name.

Third place went to Vothaec, with fourteen kills paving the path to his placement.

Taking fourth place, Alyzar cut short the lives of six in his quest for victory.

And in fifth place, Belaziel made his mark with a bloody count of twelve lives reaped.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Haidar hosted a second Kashari Tournament of Names during the Festival of the Divine. While many adventurers participated and fought across Sapience, Atalkez was the sole warrior left standing to be crowned victor.