Tournament of Names

To follow up on Haidar’s announcement of the second Tournament of Names, we have some clarifications!

This will be a 6 hour PK contest held on September 24th, beginning at 19:00:00 GMT (see UPCOMING).

The winner will earn 2000 bound credits, a unique honours line, and a special challenger’s horn. As an added twist, the winner will have the option to change their true character’s name. This will involve either working with the Garden team to decide on a name, or you may keep the name of your champion contender character.

All participants will also earn an honours line regardless of placement.

Contenders will become a Kashari character in the class of their choice. This will be by command at the start of the contest – see UPCOMING. We strongly suggest setting a new password when you assume your character for the first time, as the one we will supply you with may not be ideal (or memorable).

Each contender will be level 80 with most general skills transcendent and their class skills transcendent. Contenders will have 5000 bound credits with which to buy artefacts. They will have a full complement of vials and curatives, but selling/trading these is not permitted. A full rift will be provided, ensuring adequate supplies of tarot cards, crystals, commodities for traps/puppets and so on. All contenders will begin with full karma, devotion, and essence reserves. Contenders will have a gold amount at the start and begin in a starting shop. Sharing gold/items from this location is not permitted with other contenders or the general public.

As each contender enters the contest they will have an hour of grace for setup time. This time can be used to setup curing/systems, as well as purchase artefacts and supplies. This grace can be renounced early, but it can’t be extended.

Each participant will have three lives, and will have no starburst effects accessible. If you die three times, you are out of the contest. Disconnecting, journalling, or hiding in any similar fashion for 30 minutes or more will result in a loss of a life. If you do so for an hour or more you will lose two lives. Your number of lives can be replenished by removing other contenders from the contest (killing off their final life), though your life count remains capped at three. Contenders will not earn or lose experience.

We’re also going to strongly suggest you do not inform people of who you are when you assume your shell character. You can do this if you want to, but if large groups of shells who happen to all share the same city affiliation on their standard characters start working together, said characters will find themselves penalised. This does not mean you can’t team people, but you should do so organically in the spirit of the event rather than splitting down factional lines. This will be very obvious to us if it starts happening, so please do not do it. This however is not a duelling event: we do expect carnage.

Kills will be tracked in case of multiple people still being alive at the end of the contest. If more than one contender is alive at the end there will be a single area deathmatch to determine the winner. All other contenders will be considered an enemy, and allies will not be available. Forming parties will not be possible.

(Signing Up)
Signup with Haidar ahead of time to secure your place.

To sign up: say I wish to earn my name as a member of the class

Give Haidar the 100,000 when prompted.

Once you have signed up you cannot change your class choice. Choose wisely.

Go forth, have fun, and earn your name!