Renown Updates!

We are making a change to renown that will do away with those pesky daily credit messages!

No more will your renown automatically convert into daily credits, instead this will build in a pool to be spent in the RENOWN SHOP!

While you will still only be able to earn 2000 renown in a day, the amount you earn will tally up across days to be spent on a variety of wares when you want to!

Renown Shop Commands:
RENOWN SHOP WARES – to see available wares (listed in detail below)
RENOWN SHOP – to see a ware
RENOWN SHOP HISTORY – to see your last 30 purchases
(RENOWN – will still show your earned renown)

Renown Shop Wares:
10 bound credits – 1000 renown
20 bound credits – 2000 renown
A worn whetstone – 1200 renown
A shimmering crystal clover – 8000 renown
A Lucrescent Nut – 2000 renown
A miniature wooden horse – 1200 renown
A bottle of fairy dust – 1500 renown
A ball of Seftonium – 1500 renown
1 hour double xp – 750 renown
A Translucent Mask – 4000 renown
An amber ampoule – 1500 renown
Hunter Elixir 1 sip – 1000 renown
Epicurus Elixir 1 sip – 1000 renown
Pixie Elixir 1 sip – 1000 renown
Ogre Elixir 1 sip – 1000 renown
Lucky Elixir (1 sip) – 1000 renown
Life Elixir (1 sip) – 1000 renown
A handful of glittering mud – 10000 renown

All items from this shop decay in a fairly short time and cannot be preserved in stockrooms and similar.

All of this and the details for these items have been added to HELP RENOWN!