The Delosian Auctions

Fine people of Sapience,

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, our beautiful city of Delos was recently host to a great and terrible battle. Foes of Quisalis and Ivory did slay, ravage, and destroy in a wanton show of destruction which our streets have not seen in many years. Truly, the events of the last several years have been taxing upon us all, and unquestionably beyond the pale.

It has fallen upon my shoulders to lead the rebuilding effort, an undertaking I shall spearhead with vigour and, I must admit, no small amount of trepidation. Expenses will be extensive as we seek to make right what has fallen into ruin. With that in mind, I have, with the backing of my fellow residents, organised a series of auctions to take place on the 10th of Daedalan, 12th of Scarlatan, and 16th of Valnuary of the year 893.

These auctions will be a showcase of many fabulous relics and oddities which have long been kept in the vaults of Delos. They will astound, amaze, and one hopes, encourage substantial donations of coin towards a goal which will benefit us all. Come one and all, be you an avid bidder or merely an observer.

Upon the ledger lies:

  • an arcane tome of Yggdrasil’s many, endless planes
  • a scabbard from the Isle of Erymanthus
  • an apothecary’s mortar and pestle
  • a fungal specimen, known for causing mass hallucinations
  • a desert monarch’s enchanted goblet
  • a strangely-cursed portrait depicting a Demigod
  • a blindfold of Celestial origin
  • a figurehead dredged from the sunken ship of a famed pirate
  • a leonine pelt from an ancient, honoured species
  • a blazing cloak of flame
  • a grand staff suitable for any skilled Magi
  • a preserved fragment of historical poetry

Bidding will be live and in person. Only the gold sovereign will be accepted, and the final bid must be paid for within the day. The city of Delos apologises for any inconvenience.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: In an effort to raise the funds for Delos’ repair, the merchant Merentesh invites Sapience to join him for several auctions of rare relics and fabulous oddities.