A Child of War

Long have the Quisalis and Ivory Mark been enemies, pointing blades at the other’s throats and posturing about strength and weakness. Despite all this tension, it was exceedingly rare for the organisations to strike at one another.

That all changed in the summer of 889 AF when Lord Biren, the Ivory Rose Champion took it upon himself to raid the tunnels beneath New Thera and retrieve his four year old daughter, Adrandira. Wounded once, he did succeed the second time and took the girl by the wrist towards the Ivory Tower, only to be cut off by Qui’sas assassins and thrust into the urban heart of Delos. Surrounded by foes, it was the Delosian Lottery Office that he turned to for shelter before calling to the Ivory Mark for reinforcements. The legion came with swords ready as the shadowy assassins of the Hive gathered upon rooftops. Chaos erupted.

Throughout the streets of Delos, the Assassins and Champions crossed blades and magic in a cataclysmic feud that rivalled even the greatest raids between Sapience’s city states. Soaring through the skies, enchanted meteors shot by the cloudbows of the Ivory Mark crashed into the earth, while holocaustic spheres rained from the hands of the Quisalis’ most talented elementalists. The crossfire alone took enough lives to make a necromancer shudder with glee, but still the battle raged on and droves of Exemplars and Assassins were damned before the Finality’s cold judgement.

The hellish conflict raged for nearly a day before the child, panicked and afraid, slipped out of her father’s arms and fled into the battle-torn streets. Lord Biren called out to Atlantia, pleading that she recall her soldiers before the girl perishes amidst the flames and arrows. Shouting for a ceasefire, the Crown Princess of Arcadia and the Quisalis Grandmaster strode into the streets as the clangor of battled slowly quieted.

Unshackled war would only lead to the child’s death, another solution had to be found. And so, Atlantia turned to Imperiate of Cyrene. Neutral in their ethos and beholden to neither Ivory nor Quisalis, the Heart of the Vashnars could serve as neutral ground to not only protect and shelter the girl, but also adjudicate a conflict between Champion and Assassin to determine where she would train.

Facilitated by the Senate of Cyrene and signed into paper on the 15th of Valnuary 889, the blood-filled trials between the Quisalis and Ivory Mark began. Baliar Blackthorn and Methats, the Divine Wind took up station upon the bridges of Delos, recruiting worthy adventurers to slay one another and spread the influence of their chosen organisation.

For over a year the conflict carried on before Atlantia shouted from the pinnacle of the Ivory Tower. As the heir to Lord Makarta, the Princess invoked her right to fight over the Blade of Masters, an ancient relic once owned by Callibius cursed by Derillin Yu’tar. Undeterred and confident, the Grandmaster agreed. Swords and flails clashed as the Marks fought across the lands, and though the Champions won their final battle, the Quisalis took ultimate victory in the war and returned Adrandira to her mother’s side in the Quisalis Hive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Chaos and conflict erupted in the streets of Delos after Lord Biren raided the Quisalis Hive to retrieve his daughter. Eventually, Atlantia and the Grandmaster called for a ceasefire and agreed to settle this matter through a conflict facilitated by the Senate of Cyrene. The Quisalis proved victorious and earned the right to train the young girl as an assassin.