War Contract

Facilitated by the Senate of Cyrene on the 15th of Valnuary in the year 889 – the Quisalis and Ivory Mark organizations have agreed to terms for determining the future home of the child, Adrandira.

As a result of this, Cyrene has committed to the use of guards in Delos to assist with protections there in.

The Quisalis and Ivory marks have consented to permit upcoming contests to determine placement of the child and to abide by the rules set forth. As such, any interference with the child, Adrandira, is grounds for immediate forfeit.

Specifics will be announced as they are finalised and details become available.


Kirsi Moliuvia, Imperiate, on behalf of the Senate of Cyrene.
Princess Atlantia, on behalf of the Ivory Mark
The Grandmaster of the Quisalis, on behalf of the Quisalis

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: The Quisalis and the Ivory Mark have agreed on a number of war contests facilitated by the city of Cyrene. The fate of this conflict will decide which organisation the child Adrandira trains with.