Old Smiths Can Learn New Tricks

It was the late summer of the year 888 AF when the voices of smiths across the lands were heard ringing out in congratulations. First to speak was Rico of New Thera, followed in short order by Caurnn of Adryn Keep, Steropes of Mount Piraeus, and Boarath of Mhaldor. Deep within the burrows of Manara the forgemaster known as Hrorknar lifted his muzzle to likewise praise the new master of the hammer and anvil, but was cut down in the middle of his declaration by one of the many enterprising novices who often tread those dirty tunnels.

One and all, the many smiths of Achaea recognised what Proficy Ikari had accomplished. To master every method of forging armour and weapons alike, to stand at the very pinnacle of the craft was no small feat. No other upon Sapience in their time had achieved such, and so praise was lavished upon him without reservation. Adding his voice at last, Murad, the Bladesmith declared that praise alone would not suffice, to which a chorus of ayes rang loud and clear. He bid Proficy to attend him at his forge east of Delos so that he might bestow a boon never before offered.

Together the pair journeyed forth from the hills to the glade of Three Moons, where Murad began to expound upon his craft. No other hand but his had wrought the fabled swords of the Two Arts upon Sapience, but in this moment it was something he would share. Returning once more to Kavaya’s side he laid out various materials before Proficy, detailing the process of tempering and treating known only to him, imparting secrets not only of metal, but of the soul.

There was no fanfare to mark the conclusion of this legendary lesson. With a companionable nod and a clasp of the hand, Murad bid Proficy to remember that what he had learned was both a burden and a blessing, before turning back to his forge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: In recognition of his being the first mortal to completely master the arts of Forging, Proficy was taught to forge Two Arts swords by Murad, the Bladesmith.