May in Achaea!

For the duration of May polymegahedral dice can be bought singly, or in groups of 5, 10, 25, or 50, each group with an increased discount. These purchases also award House and City credits, and for Iron Elite members, every 10 you purchase grants you an extra die! We also have two new legend deck suits!

You can roll up to five dice at one time.

DICE ROLL [number of dice to roll (defaults to 1 if unspecified)]
For each two dice rolled in combination in this way you will receive 1 racetrack ticket (so 1 ticket if you roll 2 or 3 in combination, 2 tickets if you roll 4). There is a bonus for rolling all 5 together, so you will receive 3 racetrack tickets if you roll 5 dice together. Each dice rolled (alone or with other dice) also awards you with 1 raffle ticket*.

Dice currently have six sides. The prizes for each side are as follows (and yes, these dice are weighted).

1: Credits (between 30 and 50).

2: Interlocked caches (Elemental, Races, and Planes).
On cache open the Elemental, Races, and Planes sets have a 25% chance to give a second piece.

3: Legend Deck card sleeves including our new Hunterblood and Huntersoul suits!

4: 1 or 2 Mayan crowns

5: 50 to 80 customisation credits

6: One of: a silver giftbox, a golden giftbox, a bronze giftbox, or 100 credits.

Every 500 dice rolled (gamewide), the lucky roller will also receive 500 credits on top of their standard prizes.

There is a very small chance for a particularly lucky dice to land on its corner. This dice will pay out a platinum giftbox instead of its standard prize!

All of these credits for the above prizes are unbound.

HELP POLYMEGAHEDRAL DICE has all of this information!

As mentioned above we have added two new legend deck card suits to the sleeve options! (These details can also be found in HELP LEGENDDECK.)

The Hunterblood Suit features the Hippo, the Leopard, the Eagle, and the Centaur. The Eel is its joker.

The Huntersoul Suit features the Bear, the Scorpion, the Alligator, and the White Wolf. The Jarbo is its joker.

Throw someone in a specified direction.
Stopped by standard antibeckon things (walls, block, prone etc).
Basically requires you be able to move that way.
2 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Draw it in a given direction to freeze ground in that adjacent location.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Grants 10% lightning resistence when flying, lasts 1 minute.
This will show on DEFS as eaglelegend.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Useable on someone in the sky above you and pulls them down like a tentacle tattoo.
Instead of balance knock it can do one of the following (same chance for each to occur):
Balance knock like tentacle.
A short stun.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

(J) Eel
Regenerates 1 charge every 12 hours.

Draw this card to sense everyone afflicted with the stink affliction.
Works across planes, but not on people in beds and similar no farsee locations.
5 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Draw it in a direction and it will put firewalls in that direction’s line of sight up to 3 rooms away if a wall can be raised.
2 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Significantly reduces the effect of currents upon you while its in play. Lasts 1 minute.
This will show on DEFS as alligatorlegend.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Draw this card to grant yourself the wolflegend defence.
This defence lasts 40 seconds.
If you strike someone’s parry while you have this defence, you will passively cure an affliction.
This cure has a 30 second cooldown.
1 charges, regens every 2 hours.

(J) Jarbo
Regenerates 1 charge every 12 hours.