The Pact Renewed

Wrought first in strange Spirit, with a core unbroken.
Woven second in Fundament, with ascendancy in unison.
Wrought third for Long War, with Three and then Two.
Withdrawn from all battle, rejecting Creator eternal.


In a black expanse before the glimmering spheres and spire of Celestia, the citizens of the Dawnspear were given a charge by the Lightbringer and the Righteous Fire. For it had been in times long past that the Mount’s great Domarchs had forged their pact with the ancient Church, a bond deeper than the very soul between priest and seraph, mortal and angel. Yet with the destruction of the Empyreal Assembly, lost House of sunken Shallam, what was sacred became profane and what was bond became thread, a tie frayed to uttermost breaking.

Haunted by the horrors of a future already near-woven into Fate’s skein, the devoted priests and scholars of Targossas pushed on to study all that they can on Celestia and the history of their forebearers. Choosing knowledge as their weapon, they sought out Ayadai, the Soothsayer.

And so came the rite. It would be no debauched revel, nor gluttonous boast, but a sacred cleansing first in waters made holy by Light and then in fires made pure by Righteousness. Bestriding the emerald hues of the deeper Descent, it was the Staff to which the celebrants turned, that which in clarion ascendance laid claim upon the bonds between Dawnspear and Celestia, between Priest and Seraph as the crowns of a time now past. With their whispered prayers to the Bloodsworn Divine upon lips and thoughts, Targossas and her people watched the empyrean fire surge forth, rising into the skies over the silver-bright city.

It was for near a full day that the Lady Aurora and Lord Deucalion did parley the case of Their holy city with a Domarch of the Empyrean Mountain. Wary of the Prime and its inhabitants, cesspools of Anathema, it became the assurances of Divinity and acts of Mortality that would weave for Celestia a fresh accord.

And so when the chime of the Pact Renewed tolled across Creation’s expanse, the last creations of Proteus were once more in harmony with their mortal agents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Targossas sought to renew the ancient pact that bound the Empyreal Assembly to Celestia. After performing a holy ritual in the depths of the Descent, the Dawnspear was able to connect with Celestia, allowing Aurora, Goddess of Light and Deucalion, the Righteous Fire to settle on terms and formalize a new accord.