Bank On It!

As some noticed earlier (we’ve got our eyes on you Eoka, Ramarn, and Iaxus) we’re reopening the Delosian Bank Vaults and their keys to join April’s artecart and lesson sale!

The Delosian bank has a number of derelict vaults and these can only be opened with keys. Keys can be purchased from the website at and you can earn pieces of keys by capping your renown each day! 4 of these pieces makes a whole key, and you can also buy key pieces on the website too!

When you have a complete key you can visit the bank in Delos, where they will have a set of 64 vault doors waiting to be unlocked (in an 8×8 grid). The prize list that is hidden behind the locked doors is specific, you can see the full list below and at HELP DELOSBANKVAULT. Before you choose which door to open you can even see what has been won from already opened doors!

When there are no prizes left, when the special prize has been claimed, or on the first of the month, the bank will reset the vault contents to full once more! There is a game announce when this happens!

DELOSBANK OPEN NUMBER <#> – open a specific unopened vault
DELOSBANK OPEN – open an unopened vault by coordinates
DELOSBANK OPENED – list all opened vaults
DELOSBANK CLOSED – list vaults still to be opened
DELOSBANK / – view a specific vault

See HELP DELOS BANK VAULT for all of the details on prizes and commands!