As of today our new batch of auctions is open! We have eight credit auctions and eight gold auctions for you this go around, including many reoccuring favorites as well as two completely new items!

Auctions will remain open until the 25th of March, closing exactly at 00:00 on the 25th. This gives you fourteen days to get your bids in! You can see UPCOMING for the countdown until auctions close, and remember to read HELP AUCTIONS before bidding! Information on each item being made available can be found under AUCTION INFO #.

Happy bidding!

  • Custom Dragon Description
  • Custm Instakill Remains
  • Phylactery of Sixth Sense
  • Completed Talisman
  • Staff of Garash
  • Innate Morphing Armour
  • Pyramidian Boots
  • Resilient Translucent Mask
  • 300 Housing Room Credits
  • Any Level 1 Talisman Piece
  • Any Legend Deck Card
  • 50 Globes of Shifting Continents
  • Transcend a Class