Pet updates!

We have just finished integrating artefact pet requests into the in-game customisation and reaction systems!

This means you will build your pet request in game, and once approved and created you will be able to build and enable your reactions (and change them down the line if you wish!)

Main changes:

  • Pet “packages” are gone, your pet’s cost is totalled up on the request as you select various addons. The non-negotiables cost 500 credits and the rest adds on from there.
  • A pet can have the invincibility and reporting addons selected, there is now a PETS command that will enable you to toggle one on/off and will automatically switch the other to allow for more flexibility.
  • Reactions are created the same as housing servants but will need to be submitted via the REACTION SUBMIT command. Once a reaction is approved you can enable it on your pet for a one time 50 bound credit fee.

What hasn’t changed?

Racial emotes, custom attack messages, and anything scrapper related can be added to a pet once it is created via email to

Gift pet requests will need to go to and still cost unbound credits.

What about my old pet?

We can enable in game reaction system for your existing pet on a pet by pet basis, please issue with the ID of your pet and we will get that sorted for you.

Changes to existing pet reactions will need to be requested via email to

Existing messages for your pet might be updated if they are converted to our new system. We will not be doing this automatically for existing pets at this time, please request if you want your pet to be converted in this manner. This will be handled on a case by case basis depending on your pet’s functions.

What about my current pet request?

Please use the new system to resubmit your request as pricing has changed (possibly in your favour!)



Philosophically, if your pet is going to report information about people that they are not willingly giving it, it needs to be vulnerable.

With this in mind, enter/exit reporting has been moved to full reporting. We will be converting all existing pets in the following manner:

If your pet is sentient, has basic reporting, and is not invincible:
Upgrade to full reporting (this allows reporting to be toggled on/off)
Not invincible remains.

If your pet is sentient, has basic reporting, and is invincible:
Upgrade to full reporting (this allows reporting to be toggled on/off)

If your pet is sentient, has full reporting, is not invincible:
Upgrade to invincible.

A secondary result of this will mean that all existing pets will be enabled for the PETS command toggle and be hooked into the in-game reaction system for reaction additions!