Sledding into the Season!

Amidst the cheer and merry-making of the Logosmas season, the sound of weeping children rising from the valley of Actar was a startling change of pace. It was with some trepidation that adventurers made haste to the halfling village nestled within those snow-bound pastures, approaching Merrygold, one of the village elders, to ascertain the source of the distress. The usually cheerful halfling woman explained while wringing her hands that there was to be a Logosmas tree raising in the town of New Thera, and that the children were just desperate to go and be a part of that most sacred holiday tradition. With a sigh, Merrygold’s shoulders slumped as she went on to explain that there were simply not enough villagers to spare to see all of the children conveyed safely to New Thera, and this sad news was what had set the children to weeping so.

Bolstered by Logosmas spirit or perhaps simply incapable of ignoring a cry for help, Icraa, Laetetia, and Kaiu were the first to inquire if perhaps they could be of assistance. The elder considered this, consulting with several of the village guard before concluding that perhaps these adventurers could be trusted. It is the holiday season, after all. It was not long before myriad adventurers were off, the ecstatic children bundled in layer upon layer of furs and loaded onto wooden sleds for ease of transport.

As individuals began to arrive at the town centre of New Thera with their young charges in tow, Angela, the Mayor of New Thera bustled about the square, handing out mugs of hot cocoa and welcoming all to the tree raising ceremony that was about to take place. She urged each new arrival to greater haste, hinting that it would not be long before some very special guests graced the town with their presence. She would be proven right as mere moments after the last child was safely settled, Dogo Ooder and Allior Coyne strode into the plaza, a troupe of resolute halflings bearing an enormous Logosmas tree in their wake.

Dogo Ooder would be the first to offer his blessing to the holiday monument, a beseechment of charity to reside in every heart this Logosmas season. With that he raised a hand, alighting the rustling boughs with green and silver light. Allior Coyne was next to step forward, her covetous gaze sweeping the crowd before her as she offered her own benediction, hopes and dreams for boundless profit this Logosmas season. An idle flick of her hand kindled red and gold light upon the swaying branches, and together all the hues of Logosmas splendour blazed skyward in a display seen across the continent.

Only as that glow faded from the sky did the clarion call of trumpets sound from the valley of Actar, followed shortly thereafter by the calamitous crash of an avalanche released down the mountain slopes. As adventurers scaled the cliffs surrounding the valley a breathtaking view was revealed to them, an idyllic township of gingerbread houses nestled within the snowy mountain landscape. Dogo Ooder and Allior Coyne guided the stream of newcomers to the respective outposts for the HoHoHo and HaHaHa society, attempting to sway each to either the cause of charity or the cause of capitalism. With a tinkling of rung bells the first explorers were off, their allegiance declared and their sleds sent careening down the mountainside towards the cheerily flickering lights of the village of Merrywick below.

Summary: Adventurers assisted the halflings of Actar by seeing their children safely to New Thera for the Logosmas tree raising. Soon after, Dogo Ooder and Allior Coyne arrived to reveal the pathway leading to the village of Merrywick.