Classleads return!

Hopefully you’re all having a good December, and as we all know nothing puts the finishing touches on the month like incurring the wrath of your enemies for a poorly conceived classlead. So to finish off this year: classleads are now open. Submissions will close at 0 GMT on the 13th – certain to be unlucky for some.

For those of you that haven’t participated in classleads before (or may simply have forgotten the specifics), here are a few points:

  • Classleads are anonymous.
  • Each person can submit up to five classlead reports. Please do not utilise alternative characters to bypass this limit: I will be annoyed and you may lose your ability to file classleads in the future. This includes having people post on your behalf.
  • Your reports should supply reasoning alongside the perceived problem: if something is too strong/weak, you should always state why. It’s best to avoid drawing comparisons to other classes, although sometimes this is appropriate. Use your best judgement!
  • You should attempt to supply multiple solutions (where applicable – some cases are fairly cut and dry). If your lone solution is “delete x”, I probably will reject your classlead out of hand: fair warning.

This round there are a few things it might not be worth your time to file classleads on. You’re still welcome to do so as your ideas might inspire some change of plans, just be aware the below few topics already have things in the planning stages for significant changes so your reports might just not be relevant:

  • Magi.
  • Expansion/updates to exterminate mechanics.
  • Dexterity changes (I would actually like thoughts here if people have particularly interesting ideas for future direction in regards to the stat, but general patches probably won’t go in).

I am particularly interested in the following. Try to have a cohesive direction in mind when you file reports in regard to these:

  • Druid/sentinel modernising.
  • Occultist sanitising.
  • Runewarden modernising.

There are full details along with command breakdowns under HELP CLASSLEADS and the CLASSLEAD command.

I look forward to reading your reports!