December in Achaea – tis the Season!

December is here!

Later in the month Makesh will put his Logosmas wares on sale, Ironbeard will make his rounds, and more is in store!

For the promotionally inclined we’re bringing back stockings for the month and there will be a 30% bonus on all credit purchases (that’s a 40% bonus for those of you with Iron Elite!)

We also have a new talisman set, the (surviving) ElderGods set! See HELP ELDERGODS TALISMANS for all the details, but the items include the following:

A declaration of hostility (Aegis) A dwarven finishing hammer (Phaestus)
A sachet of soothing herbs (Valnurana) A battered sifting pan (Prospero)
A translucent filter (Lorielan) A rosewood citole (Scarlatti)
An obsidian hound carving (Twilight) A double flowered cherry blossom (Gaia)
Storm-grey wings cloaked in lightning (Vastar)
Completion Bonus if you collect all 9 above: a piece of shimmering Ayardium.

See HELP ELDERGODS TALISMANS for all of the talisman details!

See HELP STOCKINGS for all stocking-related commands and to see a complete list of prizes and minimum stocking values!

Every 150 stockings opened will trigger a bonus stocking in the next 50 to be opened, awarding massively increased prizes!

ADDITIONALLY! For every 5 stockings of each type you purchase, you’ll receive either a gold or platinum stocking of that tier! So if you purchase 5 fancy stockings, you’ll get a gold (or platinum) fancy stocking. Gold and platinum stockings are special and fill up only on Christmas and New Year’s Day, respectively!

Finally, cap your renown during an adventure cycle in December and you will earn you tickets in our end of year raffle (once per adventure cycle)! Two lucky winners will earn a shattered token which can be exchanged for ANY talisman piece! Tickets held by non-winners will be converted to bound credits, 2 per ticket.

Since we’ve had a couple of questions about this, just a quick rundown on how stocking influences the pieces you get:

Logosmas stockings yield the lowest number of pieces and tend to be less valuable (you can still roll big pieces on these, they’re just less common than higher tiers).
Fancy are basically better logosmas ones. Higher chance at more pieces, better pieces come up more often.
Grand stockings roll more pieces and if you roll low end pieces will roll additional ones to compensate. They also have a flat chance to guarantee a high end piece, but best to consider those a bonus when they come up given that its not a sure thing.
Extravagant stockings guarantee you two high end pieces no matter what, and roll you more pieces after those are awarded.

High end pieces will be pieces from the 1000 credits and up value talismans.

Hopefully that should clear up most questions!