November in Achaea!

The Artefact Cart will be returning for November! This will have a standard 30% discounted price, that’s 40% if you are an Iron Elite member. Each week throughout November we will be selectively applying additional discounts to a variety of categories on the following basis:

1st through 7th November: Defensive and Armour Artefacts
8th through 22nd November: All Class Artefacts
22nd through 30th November: Statistic, Miscellaneous, and Crafting Artefacts

In addition to this, all artefacts in the Delosian shops will be 20% cheaper for the month! This is a flat discount that won’t scale with anything else.

This includes the talisman shop but does not include partial completions for a variety of reasons.

But we aren’t done yet! Lessons will also be available on the Achaea website for the entire month!