Credibility updates

We’ve long been unhappy with the way credibility works as a system. There’s a lack of transparency in the use that makes them ineffective as a communication tool and deterrent.

We’ve spent a bit of time over the last few weeks working on the system to make it better clarify our expectations and be less of an esoteric ritual for the administration to use!

Our intent with credibility is to encourage Achaeans to be IC in public venues, out and about in the world, with other players (who have not consented to be OOC with you), and in organisation communications. We want In Character to be the default for everyone, and we want someone who logs into Achaea seeking in character interaction to not be met with OOC as a default.

We also want you to know why you have had credibility docked if it happens, and we want to convey what this means in terms of restrictions.

Credibility docking takes away certain gameplay privileges. What these privileges are depend on how egregiously you have broken the “in character contract” and disturbed the setting for those around you and how often you have done it.

For 99% of cases the following can be expected:

Your first credibility ding will be a warning.
A second within 30 days will be a 5 point adjustment.
A third within 30 days (of the previous) will be a 10 point adjustment.
And beyond.

Particularly egregious breaches may deviate from this, and repeated wilful ruination of Achaea’s environment for players and the team alike may result in shrubbing.

Credibility is measured in rolepoints and these regenerate at 1 point per 6 hours logged in or 1 point per 18 hours if not logged in.

The consequences of credibility loss are as follows:

1% less xp gain for each rolepoint missing
1% more xp loss for each rolepoint missing
5% less renown cap (1 cr/100 renown) for each rolepoint missing.

Sub 95 rolepoints
Cannot accept proteges
Removal/ban from city guide appointment
Disables custom item interaction emotes (put/drop similar)
Custom EMOTEs limited to 80 characters
No poses

Sub 90 rolepoints
No shouting
No yells
No custom emotes

Sub 85 rolepoints
No market channel
No description setting
No access to org-flagged clans

Sub 80 rolepoints
No newbie channel access
No renown gain at all

Sub 75 rolepoints
No arenatell
No housetell
No citytell
No ordertell

So! Going forward, do your best to be incredibly credible, and not credibly incredible!

(HELP CREDIBILITY has been updated)