A Town Hall for New Hope

The beckoning, sonorous tones of an iron bell pealed out across New Hope as the Abbess called its inhabitants to gather. In the distance, Dawnlord Lyndee Faelithar heard the call, its harsh timbres standing out from the roar of the twin Eusian Falls crashing into the Bay of Solace. Greys, Vasher, Caladbolg, Ante, Reonna, Salko, and Atalkez in tow, the Dawnlord of Targossas ventured into the monastery of New Hope once more.

Gathering within the main hall, the majority of the Isle settled in within the pews, the Abbess calling their town hall to order. There were many topics on the agenda today, but the core question to consider was simple – to what extent and how often did they wish to allow outsiders to interact and interfere with their lives?

After covering several topics, the congregation watched as Orotor, the butcher stepped up to stand before the pulpit and petition the crowd. In a rare sight his apron was pristine and white as he addressed the masses, making an impassioned plea to the villagers about the hiring of the Ivory Mark to bring justice to those that would instigate violence upon their isle.

Mirroring Orotor’s sentiments, Cardinal Atalkez Al’Jafri and others spoke on the potential relationship that could be built between New Hope and Targossas – a relationship whose foundation had been built many years prior, when the Refugees were at their lowest.

Conversely, Sister Coranne strode forward to give voice to the counterargument, that no act was made just or unjust simply by the reasoning behind it, and whether it was by their hand or not the death was still ordered and signed for by the people of New Hope.

Retiring to her chambers as the Sisters of New Hope discussed it amongst themselves and with the gathered villagers, the Abbess spoke about the intricate balance and weight of this decision with the Dawnlord and her people. Once a consensus was reached, the Abbess agreed, and spoke to the people.

Ultimately, the people of New Hope found themselves unable and unwilling to bear the burden such a request would levee upon their souls. It is no small thing to sign off on death. The Abbess gave voice to these sentiments as she laid out their purpose and their continued stance to not invoke the Marks of the land to pursue physical violence on their behalf. With that the crowd was dismissed and returned to their daily lives.

Summary: The Isle of New Hope gathered to discuss their continued place in an evolving world of violence, but ultimately decided to not lean upon the Ivory Mark or Targossas to settle disputes on their behalf.