Official Achaean Discord!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our shiny, brand-new official Discord server! We’d like to go over some of our reasoning and expectations, but if you just want to join and read the rules there, here’s the link:

The past few years, Discord has increasingly become the place where gaming communities converge. Forums are generally less popular than they once were, and that’s without even mentioning some of the REALLY old Achaea community sites (Yahoo! groups, anyone?).

This means that new players will often look towards Discord as their first step in becoming a part of a new game’s community and this, in turn, means that we have a responsibility to make sure this first stop is a bright, welcoming one.

While we are not interested in censoring people, a lack of moderation tends to bring out the worst in people behind the shields of internet anonymity. Ensuring a healthy atmosphere both encourages better relations between players on an OOC level and makes it so our staff and volunteers are more comfortable participating in the conversation(though please refer to rule #10 and don’t try to use Discord as a way to demand an official response). We are sure you would all like to hear Sartan’s opinions on the best pizza toppings now and then (probably the blood of your enemies).

To encourage some level of accountability, along with preventing random trolls so common on any part of the Internet, you will only have reduced permissions upon first joining. Refer to the #welcome channel in the server for instructions on how to verify your character. No need to worry, you do not need to out your current character if your handle is associated with an older one, you can manually ISSUE ME asking for one of your alternate characters to be associated with your account instead if it is inaccessible.

Please enjoy yourselves in this new server, and if you ever felt like the more ‘wild west’ style of unofficial communities was a little much for you, we hope that this will be a more pleasant avenue for you to communicate with the community. Do not hesitate to reach out to our Discord community manager in the server (Tlalaiad!) if things get out of hand, but bear in mind it is not our intention to be overbearing, either.