Significant PK updates

Hi everyone,

Having taken on board the significant feedback we’ve received about Achaea’s world not feeling quite as dangerous as we would like it to be, we have the following PK related updates to announce:

  • Players may now seek retribution on land for conflict that takes place at sea. The oceans are no longer a safe haven to attack anyone and everyone without repercussions.
  • Soldiers of army rank 3 or above may now be attacked in pursuit of a sanction while within their home city, and no longer require other PK-reasoning to initiate combat with.
  • Soldiers below army rank 3 will still require appropriate RP reasoning to attack prior to a sanction taking effect.
  • Non soldiers and city allies will now contribute to tank charging progress when slain during a sanction.
  • Army rank and ally status now show on HONOURS to allow raiders to distinguish these.
  • Relics will now have a chance to reset from your inventory if you are standing in a room with allied guards.
  • The maximum number of contracts that can be filed at once has been increased from 5 to 10.

We also wish to better convey the fact that Achaea’s denizen population are real inhabitants of the world and not simply ‘bashing fodder’. As such:

  • Over the coming days, certain high profile denizens will gain the ability to file contracts against players via the Quisalis or Ivory Marks.
  • These contracts may be filed for a number of reasons and are completed in the same way as all other contracts.

Lastly, HELP PK has undergone a much needed facelift to be somewhat more comprehensive and consistent with modern standards. Filing an issue is almost never the correct response to a PK related scenario and that is the stance we will be continuing to take going forward. I’d encourage everyone to thoroughly review HELP PK and let us know if you have questions or feedback.