Balance updates!

The first batch of classleads from the last round are now live. Here are the details:


  • PARADOX boosted cost reduced by 50 years.
  • DETERIORATE boosted cost reduced by 50 years.


  • STILL’s communication threshold has been changed from three seconds to four.
  • AWAKEN’s effect now conveys a chance to prematurely detonate bombs when being thrown into the sandstorm’s room from adjacent, similar to firewalls.
  • CRUSH TRAP now has a deathsight.


  • The number of required faithful in a RITE OF PRAYER has been reduced from seven to six.


  • Fixed various bugs with mass summoning entities: primarily pathfinders no longer should be summonable in situations they were not before mass summoning went in, and there is no longer a workaround which allows you to remove the eq cost on mass summon when summoning in certain rooms with pathfinder as the last entity in your list. I don’t think anyone found this, but it was fairly obscure.
  • You can now prepend/append swift to a single or list of entities to summon. This summons them with a karma cost instead of an equilibrium cost (for each entity). Certain entities cannot be summoned in this way: GOLGOTHA, XENOPHAGE, PIRIDON, and ISTRIA. Entities summoned in this way will not attack passively for ten seconds, though may still be commanded to attack actively.


  • LIFEBOND can no longer be forced.


  • GROVE LIGHTNING has had its damage increased. Its not back to where it was before the last nerf, but it is now more on par with other similar abilities.
  • WILDGROWTH now has a chance to fire against elevation changes.


  • COMET is now a line of sight attack rather than adjacent only.
  • Comet now bypasses shield, but does not break it.


  • WRACK now does more damage for each plague that is present upon a target.
  • You may now CRUX CLEANSE to clean your knife of blood.
  • SANGUINEHAND now fires on WRACKs that the target survives (against players only, naturally).
  • WRACK now has a deathsight.


  • STAMPEDE now loses the user’s entourage upon initiation.


  • SCREECH now incurs 1.5 seconds more equilibrium when used off balance compared to when on balance and can only impact a person once every fifteen seconds. I might revisit this if this solution does not pan out as the ability is rather problematic, but between that and the undeaf requirement I believe this should make it a little easier to mitigate.


  • SCOURGE now has a deathsight.


  • TIMERS have had their inaccuracy made less extreme.


  • LINK can no longer be forced.


  • Network wide SMOTHER now indicates how many fires were put out to the caster.


  • JUDGEMENT is now two seconds faster against a target afflicted with justice upon its initiation.


  • SOLAR and SENSITIVITY bonuses previously did not stack. They still don’t stack in the traditional sense, but when both are present the sensitive bonus is increased more than normal (33% to 40%).


  • TOWER no longer doubles up rubble on directions that already have rubble.


  • MULTISLASH now bypasses the shield of absorption and similar against a prone target.


  • (Two Handed): torn tendons no longer stacks with traditional room hinders.


  • FULMINATION can now be summoned at any elevation.


  • MIRIADS will now utilise FLURRY as you would expect.
  • You may now append INDOMITABLE to your rally to raise this defence as a part of your inspiring cry.


  • ENRAGE now indicates when you may enrage again.
  • You may now ASSEMBLE traps in duels to the death in the arena.


  • GUILT will no longer give back the affliction the focus cured.


  • HUSKMAKER has had its stats adjusted to be in line with a level three artefact spear.
  • HUSKMAKER now actually respects having a spear proficiency, so should no longer make you question where it all went so wrong whenever you try to use it as a weapon.
  • Checks that modify how various abilities function if a necromancer is in the room no longer accept blackwinded necromancers as valid.
  • Moving constable guards will now charge active tanks during a sanctioned raid. The first five guards to a lesser extent than ones passed that point. Note: this includes hiring, and is determined on initiation rather than success. Failure to move guards -does- count.