Become a God!

Do you ever wish you could help shape Achaea?

Do you secretly desire to take on more of a “dungeonmaster” role, designing elaborate plots and scenarios to challenge and amaze (and occasionally slaughter) adventurers?

Do you like the idea of building devious quests, creating horrifying monsters, and shaping interactive landscapes?

If you answer “YES!” to any of the above, this is your chance!

We’re currently accepting applications for one Celani. Unlike previous calls, on this occasion we have only one spot available.

We’re seeking an excited volunteer who is interested in roleplay both grand and small, storyline conception, event creation, and/or background development.

To be a great Celani you need to be self-motivated, enthusiastic, enjoy being creative, excited to embrace a challenge, and not be afraid of interacting with other players. Ultimately, as this is a community volunteer position, what you do and when is up to you, but being able to follow through on the plans you make is very appreciated.

The successful applicant will undergo our most basic Celani training, after which they will be able to decide what direction to take with their training in order to become an exciting and productive member of the Garden team!

In order to apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or older IRL. Sorry, minors!
  • You must have, at absolute minimum, at least 500 hours of playing time.
  • Have read HELP CELANI in full.

Now, here’s what you must include in your application, in a plain-text, non-formatted email to

  1. Your real name.
  2. Your real age.
  3. If you are primarily a student, tell us your school and your course of study. Otherwise: your real occupation and your company’s name.
  4. Your character(s) in Achaea and what you have accomplished through those characters, especially any leadership positions you have held or other noteworthy achievements.
  5. Why you think we should make you a Celani (keeping in mind that Celanihood normally precedes Godhood, so also why you think you should have the chance to be a God if that’s the route you want to take.)
  6. Why you want to do this, knowing that you will have to completely cut off ties with other (mortal) players and leave behind all that you accomplished as a mortal player.

The above point is perhaps the most important of all when considering becoming Celani. Potential applicants should seriously consider their ability to detach from existing social networks and establish new ones in a different environment.

  1. Two flawless room or denizen descriptions of 80+ words each. Please be sure to have read HELP MORTAL BUILDERS and HELP STYLE before submitting these. Do not skip this!
  2. A brief outline for an interesting and original IC event, totalling 100 – 200 words. This should be of the scale that you see in our regular EVENTS news posts.
  3. Any special experience outside of Achaea that you think might help you in Celanihood, such as customer service background or writing experience.

Strong writing skills are a must, as is the ability to work within an often demanding and perfectionist team environment. Other traits that will help you: consistency, creativity, improvisational skills, storytelling ability, maturity, attention to detail, dependability, and above all, a love of Achaea and the world we co-create here.

Applications will be open until next Friday 21st May at 23:59. Please let us have your application by this deadline!