May in Achaea!

It’s May already and that means goodbye artefact cart and artefact discounts and hello to the Wheel of Fortune which is making a return to New Thera!

Completing an adventure worth 50 renown or more earns you a free spin each day and premium tokens can be obtained via the Achaea website at!

Those who win or buy prismatic tokens can SPIN WHEEL WITH TOKEN for a chance at the following:

Credit prizes starting at 33
Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum giftboxes
Artefact Vials
Customisation credits
Phials of shimmering ink
Legend Deck Sleeves that unwrap for any set, including the two new suits!*
Talisman caches that open for the Elemental, War, and Planes sets. These caches can be traded in for 30cr
300 lessons (You won’t win lessons if you have over 2500 lessons or 5 classes.)
Artefact Upgrade Credits
Mayan Crowns

There are two new suits in the Legend Deck available this month, both themed around the forests of mainland Sapience and their spirits. These are part of the FORESTS collection for legend cards.

The Spiritsoul suit includes the following cards:

Clio, spirit of the Western Ithmia

  • Drawing this card creates a map of Sapience’s forests
  • The user can touch this map while specifying the name of a forest spirit to be transported to the forest associated with that spirit, similar to the Universe Tarot
  • 2 charges, regenerates 1 per hour

Erato, spirit of the Eastern Ithmia

  • Drawing this card at an adventurer will throw them into the trees if there are trees present
  • 3 charges, regenerates 1 per hour

Eupheme, spirit of the Aerinewild

  • Drawing this card pacifies all non-boss animal denizens in the location
  • This does not prevent aggressive denizens from becoming aggressive again
  • 3 charges, regenerates 1 per hour

Calliope, spirit of the Aureliana

  • Drawing this card bestows the SLOTH metamorphosis upon the user
  • This confers use of the REST ability to regenerate endurance
  • 3 charges, regenerates 1 per 2 hours

Thalia, spirit of the Northern Ithmia

  • Joker, refreshes the charges of others in the set

The Spiritheart suit includes the following cards:

Urania, spirit of the Darkenwood

  • Drawing this card blankets the area in fog for four minutes
  • This must be a valid area (no ships, no wilderness, no mines etc)
  • 1 charge, regenerates 1 per 2 hours

Polyhymnia, spirit of the Cloud Forest

  • Drawing this card forces everyone in the clouds area to move in a random direction
  • This will affect the upper skies, ocean skies, and far above the skies locations
  • This forced movement is blocked by any effects that would prevent you being beckoned, on a per person basis
  • 2 charges, regenerates 1 per hour

Euterpe, spirit of the Northreach

  • Drawing this card will cause anyone burrowed in your location or those adjacent to be forced back to ground level from any depth
  • 3 charges, regenerates 1 per hour

Terpsichore, spirit of the Aalen

  • Drawing this card invokes fear on all mounts in the location, similar to a bard’s MARCH
  • This does affect the user’s mount
  • 1 charge, regenerates 1 per hour

Melpomene, spirit of the Black Forest

  • Joker, refreshes the charges of others in the set

In addition to the prizes above you may also win bonuses of racetrack tickets for the humgii races!

As a reminder, the Wheel of Fortune no longer makes you wait for other people to be done spinning before you can spin!

Also keep your eyes peeled for the Wheel’s grand prize, 500 bound credits on top of normal prizes for whoever claims that with a Token spin!

Prismatic tokens CAN be traded!