April Auctions!

As promised, we have a round of auctions live that will run for 10 days! There are thirty-two auctions in total: 16 for credits, and 16 for gold.

HELP AUCTIONS has everything you need to know if you are unfamiliar, and you can use AUCTION INFO <#> to view the details on a specific lot. As there are so many, I’ve only included details of the new options here.


  1. Chenubian Wings
  2. Phylactery of Sixth Sense
  3. Custom Blademaster Sword
  4. Custom Deathsight
  5. Custom Angel or Baalzadeen – Work with the design team to create a unique description for your angel or baalzadeen. This also allows the winner to customise the message displayed when an angel or baalzadeen materialises via the ANGEL SUMMON ability in Spirituality or the BAALZADEEN ability in Apostasy. NOTE: This would need to remain appropriate and lore-friendly to Achaea.
  6. Enhanced Shop Cart
  7. Racial Language Fluency
  8. Staff of Garash – This staff will allow you to raise stonewalls across all exits of a room once every 15 minutes. It also serves as a magi staff and a level 3 Shikudo staff. It does NOT work as a Druidic quarterstaff.
  9. Vastarian Flute
  10. Orb of Sllshya’s Wrath
  11. Innate Morphing Armour
  12. Any completed talisman
  13. Gold-handled Inkbrush
  14. Black-handled Inkbrush
  15. Purple-handled Inkbrush
  16. Green-handled Inkbrush


  1. Minipet of your choosing
  2. Out of Subdivision Plot: Elemental Planes -A unique opportunity to claim your own volcano lair, sky sanctuary, desert yurt, or palace apartment! Select your Elemental Plane of choice and be the owner of this undeveloped plot! NOTE: The above are suggestions only, you can build whatever you like!
  3. Out of Subdivision Plot: Muurn Valley -Enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the Muurn Valley cove with this undeveloped housing plot.
  4. 300 Housing Credits
  5. 300 Housing Credits
  6. 300 Housing Credits
  7. 300 Housing Credits
  8. 5 mayan crowns
  9. 5 mayan crowns
  10. 5 mayan crowns
  11. Level 1 Talisman Piece
  12. Level 1 Talisman Piece
  13. Level 1 Talisman Piece
  14. Any Legend Deck Card
  15. Any Legend Deck Card
  16. Any Legend Deck Card

If you have any questions about these, I strongly advise asking before placing a bid.


PS: No we have not forgotten about Pariah artefacts, they are coming soon! It’s not the middle of the month yet!