April in Achaea

The first quarter of 2021 is behind us already!

Globes of shifting continents are going away for another month, and in their place we are trying something a bit different!

First of all, the Artefact Cart will be returning for the month, with its standard 30% discounted price, that’s 40% if you are an Iron Elite member. Each week throughout April we will be selectively applying additional discounts to a variety of categories on a rolling week by week basis:

Week One: Defensive and Armour Artefacts
Week Two: Offensive Artefacts
Week Three: All Class Artefacts (including Pariah, see below!)
Week Four: Statistic, Miscellaneous, and Crafting Artefacts

In addition to this, all artefacts in the Delosian shops will be 20% cheaper for the month! This is a flat discount that won’t scale with anything else.

This includes the talisman shop but does not include partial completions for a variety of reasons.

But we aren’t done yet! Lessons will also be available on the Achaea website for the entire month!

We will be running a series of credit and gold auctions near the middle of the month.

And last but not least, the long-awaited arrival of Pariah artefacts will be happening halfway through April!

Keep your eyes peeled for more events and content from the team, as well as our creative collaborators, and be sure to check out the website to make any purchases (www.achaea.com/credits)!