Meta Changes

We’ve been looking at the meta for the last quarter and think its time for a bit of a shake up. We’ll be monitoring these changes closely to ensure everything is working as intended in the coming days:


  • Aeonic TIMEWELLs now also conveys a retardation-style effect once a certain tome of forbidden knowledge is obtained from a quest in the Underrealm. This tome decays and there can only be one at a given time.


  • Preparing a CATACLYSM vibration in the SHRINE OF ASCENSION during the HEIGHT OF SUMMER will now make it work worldwide. There is a gamewide message when this begins.


  • Renegotiations with Golgotha are now possible. If you offer GENEROUS karma, he will now convey you a pact for the PIT ability, though only if you are not Ashtani for obvious historical reasons.


  • If you reach level 200, you will now be able to retain your lesserform skills in DRAGONFORM alongside dragoncraft. We expect some minor tweaks will be needed once someone reaches this stage, but nothing too drastic.


  • Losing old PEACE hasn’t really worked out well. This ability now gives that once again. We might removed CONFUSION to keep this balanced.


  • Forest-sourced LIGHTNING is area wide once again, when targeting a forest enemy.


  • Originally, SOULCAGE was much more impactful as it did not have a cooldown. Now that only Apostates have access to this, we have made this the case once again.


  • OBLITERATE can now be unlocked via a new quest. This lasts for 24 hours and may only be performed once per Achaean year as a balancing factor. You should begin your search for said quest in the UNDERWORLD.


  • Letting tekura monks add a bit more diversity, they now have access to TRIP BLOCK after completing a quest on JUDGEMENT MOUNTAIN. This is mutually exclusive with EVADE BLOCK now as a balancing factor, however.


  • Stun is now a passive effect on all axes THROWN at a target, so long as the SENTINEL has learned the RETURNING ability and the target is not ELEUSIAN or ROGUE (i.e. tied to civilisation).