Championship Quiz Results!

The Year 852 Championship Quiz is now concluded, and the results are as follows!

Eryl in 1st place wins 200 credits and 12 Championship points!
Laedha in 2nd place wins 175 credits and 10 Championship points!
Stheno in 3rd place wins 150 credits and 8 Championship points!
Taryius, Aroan, Crixos, and Axios in 4th place winning 125 credits and 6 Championship points each!
Reyl, Zenui, Keorin tied in 8th place, winning 25 credits and 2 Championship points each!
Tesha also tied in 8th place, but is ineligible to win points as a former Staff Holder, but takes 25 credits nonetheless!

Current standings for the Staff Games are as follows:

35 Taryius
32 Crixos
25 Eryl
24 Atalkez
22 Keorin
14 Aroan
10 Laedha

Championship Twins is the final contest, after which the new Staff Bearer will be crowned!