CTF and Y852 Day 1 results!

Congratulations to Eleusis, who won the Year 852 Capture the Flag with a very strong performance! The final scores were:

Ashtan 114
Hashan 6735
Cyrene 4422
Mhaldor 1473
Eleusis 9807
Targossas 7016

With their win, Eleusis decided the Bandersnatch for today’s World Game Extravaganza would be NON-PK, and after a Foozle, Egghunt, and some Bandersnatching, here are the results!

In joint first place earning 200 unbound credits and 12 Championship points each – Keorin and Taryius!
3rd: earning 150 unbound credits and 8 Championship points – Atalkez
4th: earning 125 unbound credits and 6 Championship points – Crixos
5th: earning 100 unbound credits and 5 Championship points – Aroan, Eryl, and Zenui
8th: earning 25 unbound credits and 2 Championship points – Fen
9th: earning 10 unbound credits and 1 Championship points – Imyrr
10th earning 10 unbound credits and 0.5 Championship points – Kaden

As this is only the first day of the Championship Games, the Staff is still anyone’s game!