Year 852: Non-Championship Events

With all of the Championship Game previews out of the way, I’m pleased to be announcing the non-championship events taking place throughout Year 852.

All of the following can also be found on UPCOMING.

Monday 22nd February at 14:00 GMT – Itinerant Bazaar #1

Thursday 25th February at 22:00 – Ship Arena battle

  • The winner of this battle will receive an artefact dragon tear vat!

Friday 26th February at 01:00 – Ship Races

  • The winner will be awarded a figurehead of Aeolos with Mayan Crown prizes for 2nd and 3rd place!

Friday 26th February at 22:00 – Riddles!

  • A practice riddle followed by a master riddle, with prizes for the top 3!

Saturday 27th February at 21:00 GMT – Itinerant Bazaar #2

I would highly recommend looking over HELP BAZAAR, HELP RIDDLE, HELP SHIP ARENA, and HELP SHIP RACE!

NOTE: None of these contests award Championship Points!