Championship Games: Race Around the World!

This is a team race that will combine the tumble race and the ship race into one mad dash across and around Sapience!

Each Team has their champion competitor and a supporting crew.
Each Team must list who their champion is.
Only one Championship points competitor permitted per ship.
Each Team must list their crew mates.
Each Team must list the shipID upon the ship they will use to sail.
Please send signups via letter to Tharos.

Teams may use any ship type, but the size of your team you can have aboard will be affected by this choice!

Cutter: 4 person team
Strider: 7 person team
Galleon: 12 person team

These numbers do include the champion and are the maximum number of members.

If you want to be a team of one, that is absolutely fine!

Your ship must be docked at Tasur’ke prior to the start of the race.

Shipreturn will be disabled for the duration of the race.

All Champions and crew begin at Thraasi harbour and will tumble-race across the continent to the finish line in Tasur’ke where the sailing portion of the race begins.

A ship cannot cast off until the entire team is aboard.

The finish line is completing docking in Thraasi harbour.

Only ships and crews involved in the event may interfere with one another, fighting between racing ships is acceptable.

Each ship may choose whether they wish to take the open waters south around the continent, or brave the chops north into the frigid Borean ocean.

If you sink you can start on another ship in Tasur’ke harbour (provided you have one), or your race is over.

Your progress towards the destination will still count, so if everyone sinks, you may still be in a points winning position.

Championship points and credits will be awarded to the top ten finishers

See HELP TUMBLERACE for all details of what to expect here, the sailing portion will be entirely freeform and will NOT have the shiprace markers/finish/start lines.

Any circumvention of the rules will disqualify all aboard.

UPCOMING has the exact date and time!