Championship Games: Twins Tournament

These are the rules for the upcoming twins tournament, taking place on 28th February at 17:00 GMT.

When it comes time for the event, you’ll be directed to someone to register with. At this time one member of your team should inform said person of both members participation. Both people -must- be logged on at this time: if you are not both present, you will not be permitted to register. The tournament is double elimination and seeding will be randomised.

This is a test of individual and team skill, as such, we do not allow the following items to be used in the contest:

  • Avatar.
  • Relics.
  • Mining mineral bonuses.
  • Atlatl talismans.
  • Soulspears.
  • Truenames not gained within the match itself.
  • Shadowmancy shadows not gained within the match itself.
  • Artefacts that do not belong to you.
  • Any defences from a class that neither of your team is -actively- playing. This includes runes.
  • Divine favours of any kind: we will remove these if you have them when you show up to register, so don’t worry about not being allowed to participate if you still have one when it comes time.
  • You may not bring special quest bonuses into the arena.

In addition, as noted on its release, the Pariah class is not permitted for use in the Twins Tournament

The rules:

  • You may swap between lesser and dragon/elemental forms at will while in the arena. You may not change lesserform class while in the arena.
  • Teams may use any arena they wish for their bout, providing both teams agree. If no agreement can be reached (or no arena is accessible to both parties), they should use the Delos arena.
  • When two teams enter the arena, the fight has started. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD! We will not rerun if one team wasn’t ready.
  • Though unfortunate, we will not rerun bouts due to client disconnections or similar.
  • If you’re not sure if something is allowed, ask me privately in advance. If it isn’t and your opponents contest it and we agree, we reserve the right to rerun the fight based on our judgement.
  • You may pre-raise vibrations (excluding cataclysm), rites, and harmonics outside the arena.
  • You may pre-summon class-based loyals outside the arena.
  • You may not pre-miriad outside the arena. Miriading in the arena is fine.
  • No pre-generated kai or shin when outside the arena. If you’re going to do this, it must be once the fight has started.
  • Lifestones are permitted as normal.
  • Lucrescent nuts are permitted.
  • You may not receive help from anyone outside the arena in any form, indirectly or otherwise. Not even if you are starving to death and would have won the fight honest otherwise.
  • You may change class between bouts.

Good luck! Crush each other’s dreams! Don’t hit your teammate! Cure heartseed!

Once again, the Pariah class cannot be used for this tournament.