Championship Games: Worldgame Extravaganza!

Hi everyone!

Today I have the second of our series of posts outlining the Championship Games events for you! Read on!

Replacing the typical Foozle this year is a trio of worldgames in an extravaganza of contests.

This event takes place on 20th February at 19:00 GMT

This will consist of the following bouts:

  1. A PK Egghunt – see HELP EGGHUNT for all of the details. There will be a lot of eggs.
  • This will last one hour
  • Sharing WILL be allowed
  1. A foozle – this will cover a vast array of denizens across multiple planes. HELP FOOZLE to refresh yourselves on the commands!
  • In Championship mode, there are tiers of difficulty, and participants will work their way up the tiers, with the higher tiers rewarding higher points per item.
  • Foozle items can not be skipped by passing in this mode, one must complete the box before submitting it. We’ll have measures in place to ensure that denizens required for the contest are alive for the duration.
  • The event will be timed (one hour) or will run until ten adventurers have completed the highest tier of items, whichever comes first. Should the time limit be reached, standings will be based on scores at that time.
  • Travelling through the wilderness is enabled during foozles once more.
  1. A bandersnatch – see HELP BANDERSNATCH.
  • This will last one hour

NOTE: It has yet to be determined whether the bandersnatch will be PK or NO PK – this will be decided by the city leader of the winning city in the Capture the Flag.

While specifics per game are outlined above, the following applies to ALL games:

  • WALK TO, Major movement, movement bonuses, and forest defences will be disabled for the duration of the event.

Scores will be totalled across the three games and Championship Points (and credits) awarded based on the winners across the board.

As always, UPCOMING has the specific dates and times!