Championship Games: The Quiz

Hi everyone!

As the Championship Games approach, over the coming days we’ll be posting an overview of each major event to bring everyone up to speed.

The first of these to cover is the Championship Quiz, taking place on 28th February at 1:00 GMT.

The Quiz is a quickfire test of knowledge. When the time comes all will be prompted to JOIN QUIZ – a command which will take you to the Inquisition Chamber where one of the Gods or a very lucky mortal awaits you as Grand Inquisitor.

Please be sure to have mounting and curing turned off before you join the quiz, many commands are restricted in this very crowded location.

Before asking a question, the Inquisitor will set a point value for that question.

Once the Inquisitor asks the question, he will set a timer going.

When the timer runs out, no more answers may be given.

In order to answer, use AN (your answer).

Some pointers:

Never ever ever say the answer to a question aloud doing this will have you removed from the quiz. There are no second chances. ALWAYS USE AN (your answer).

Spelling and punctuation matter, capitalisation does not.

If a question has more than one word for the answer, the number of words will be given in the question.

If a question requires a list as an answer, any order required will be specified in the question. Do not separate list answers with commas.

Avoid chattering between questions, do not chatter during questions.

The theme for the 852 Quiz is: Classes.

The quiz is a serious affair and a large number of credits are on the line, if you become a distraction you will be removed.

See HELP QUIZ for further details, and remember that UPCOMING has all the dates and times!