New Class: Pariah!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Achaea’s 20th class, Pariah!

This is a neutral alignment class (though much like shaman and depthswalker there might be some IC debate about ethical boundaries in certain factions). So that you know what you’re getting into from a mechanical standpoint, Pariahs are an affliction class primarily (though do damage as a part of this) and have some unique mechanics primarily based in the Charnel skill. There are some fairly significant abilities from a meta standpoint in this class, though not all of them will be immediately apparent – but that will become clear as you read the abilities (hint: AB CHARNEL TABLETS).

As a part of this release, we are turning on a lesson sale until the end of January, so if you are one of those people without a stockpile and would really like to pick up the class, now is your chance!

We’re sure there will be some concern with the timing of this release in relation to the Championship games. We have discussed this, and didn’t feel it would be beneficial to hold up release of this until after the games end. However, Pariah will not be permitted in the championship points portions of this year’s games. I don’t anticipate any issues, but its not a risk we feel we should take with events people put such huge amounts of time and effort into.

With that in mind, we also do not want people to feel they can’t pick up Pariah until after the game’s end. Therefore, if you pick up Pariah and it is your only class, we will swap your class for the games if you are looking to participate. This does not extend to multiclassed people: just for those who would otherwise have no way to participate due to picking up Pariah. Obviously, standard class restrictions apply: if you’re a Mhaldorian, pick up Pariah, then ask to be made a priest for the twins tournament, we will laugh at you.

In closing, we’d like to thank the people who put time over the festive season into testing this. You all know who you are!