Critical Classleads cycle!

We’ve just opened classleads given the rapidly approaching championship games. We’ll have a proper round after those wrap up: we are primarily looking for significant issues during this round just so we can settle any genuine (or perceived) balance concerns before the games kick off. So, critical issues please, or ones that have a fairly large spread impact.

The classlead process is how we balance classes and add new abilities to skills as appropriate, and is generally the time when you can get your voices heard on issues of combat balance. For those of you unfamiliar with the classlead process (or who would just like a refresher), here are the basics:

  • Classleads are anonymous.
  • Each person can submit up to five classlead reports. Please do not utilise alternative characters to bypass this limit: we will be annoyed.
  • Your reports should supply reasoning alongside the perceived problem: if something is too strong/weak, you should always state why. It’s best to
    avoid drawing comparisons to other classes, although sometimes this is appropriate. Use your best judgement!
  • You should attempt to supply multiple solutions (where applicable – some cases are fairly cut and dry).
  • There are full details along with command breakdowns under HELP CLASSLEADS and the CLASSLEAD command.

So, what kinds of things can you suggest via classleads? Essentially, classleads are specifically for combat balance, whether that be addressing things which are perceived as too strong or too weak. Thematic options can sometimes be appropriate, but these are almost always better served going via the ideas system.