December in Achaea!

Somehow we have made it to December!

Later in the month Makesh will put his Logosmas wares on sale, Ironbeard will make his rounds, Patrons have Logosmas plans to help the cities celebrate, and the festively fractious halflings of the HoHoHo and HaHaHa will vie for seasonal sovereignty!

For the promotionally inclined we’re bringing back stockings for the month and there will be a 30% credit sale (that’s a 40% bonus for those of you with Iron Elite!)

We also have a new talisman set, the Planes set! See HELP PLANES TALISMANS for all the details, but the items include the following:

A mirror of Fae perception (Annwyn)    A pageless book (Avinaar)
A cowculating carving (Bopalopia)      A celestial coronet (Celestia)
A jagged claw (Chaos)                  A massive iron gateway (Ether)
A crystal sword (Inferno)              An icon statuette (Memory)
A sacrifical kris (Nishnatoba)         A jar of withered brains (Underworld)

Pieces for these talismans will be an option in your stockings, so you can:

OPEN STOCKING REGULAR for the regular stocking prize lists below and no talisman pieces.
OPEN STOCKING TALISMAN to choose to have the talisman pieces factor in as part of your stocking’s credit value and be a part of your prize pool!
These will be individual pieces, not caches, with higher tier stockings more likely to reward better quality pieces!

NOTE: If your aim is to maximise value rather than collecting the Planes talisman set, opening for regular is likely to yield greater rewards overall.

So what can you find in your stockings this year? Read on!

A Logosmas Stocking – Base Intended Credit Value: 16
Group of 5 lucrescent nuts, small clay chip, top hat, elixirs from the Shop of Wonders, pieces for the Planes talisman set if you open for talismans as described above.

A Fancy Stocking – Base Intended Credit Value: 40
Small clay chip, Mayan crowns, artefact pipes, minipet collection caches, phials of shimmering ink, artefact vials, legenddeck sleeves, gaudy golden candycanes, handfuls of sparkling snow, pieces for the Planes talisman set if you open for talismans as described above, plus items in the above listing if intended value is not reached.

A Grand Stocking – Base Intended Credit Value: 150
Fire pendant, rose thorn, ledolian surcoat, dragonskin quiver, wyrmskin pack, focussing lens, Prosperian attractor, goggles of whitesite, incandescent sigil, pieces for the Planes talisman set if you open for talismans as described above, plus items in the above listings above if intended value is not reached.

An Extravagant Stocking – Base Intended Credit Value: 550
Eagle’s wings, gem of transmutation, wand of portals, greater stone of wonder, buckawn’s amulet, Aldar diadem, bracers of frost, wand of reflection, prismatic ring, Shield of Absorbtion, lesser lorewarden shard, ranger’s bow, mayan bracelets, lesser stone of wonder, hunter’s belt, explorer’s tome, lasallian lyre, staff of illusion, armband of celerity, anklet of dashing, anake’s hood, mithril spurs, deep red boomerang, pieces for the Planes talisman set if you open for talismans as described above, plus items in the listings above if intended value is not reached.

There is a tier 5, but prizes in this category are only attainable via bonus
stockings and the special golden and platinum stockings that fill on Christmas and New Year’s Day, respectively!

There is also a small chance of getting a veil or one of a selection of level 3 statistic artefacts in place of the standard prizes in the extravagant stockings.

The base intended credit value is the absolute minimum that the contents of a stocking will be worth, each stocking can be worth more than this amount.

In addition to the items and intended value listed above you may also find racetrack tickets and scintillating gems in your stocking! See HELP ENVIRONMENT SCEPTRE for all commands and syntaxes in regards to the sceptre and gems.

Regular stockings have a chance to give 1 gem, all fancy stockings are guaranteed to contain a gem, grand stockings will hold 4 or more gems, and extravagant will open for 16 or more gems! These gems do not affect the prize value of the stocking.

And if that’s not enough, every 150 stockings opened will trigger a bonus stocking in the next 50 to be opened, awarding massively increased prizes!

Additionally, for every 5 stockings of each type you purchase, you’ll receive either a gold or platinum stocking of that tier! So if you purchase 5 fancy stockings, you’ll get a gold (or platinum) fancy stocking. Gold and platinum stockings are special and fill up only on Christmas and New Year’s Day, respectively!

Finally, all December long stocking purchasing and capping renown each day will earn you tickets in our end of year raffle!

1 ticket per regular stocking/renown cap, 2 per fancy stocking, 8 tickets per grand stocking, and 25 tickets per extravagant stocking!

10 winning tickets will be drawn on January 1st earning their owners one of the following prizes:
1st wins a platinum ribboned giftbox
2nd and 3rd win a gold ribboned giftbox
4th, 5th, and 6th win a silver ribboned giftbox
7th, 8th, and 9th win a bronze ribboned giftbox
10th wins a Mayan crown!

As always, all of this can be found at!