A Great Hunt begins!

For those who are not familiar, a Great Hunt is a 24 hour hunting contest with various credit prizes!

Prize tiers are split into three levels: below level 80, below level 99, and “open” which is anything above 99 and onwards!

As is customary, we have:

  • Double experience (this has been in effect since yesterday and will continue through to the end of Sunday)
  • Credits will be awarded to everyone who reaches different point thresholds. 5cr at 100 points, 10cr at 1000, and 15cr at 2500 points.
  • Credit prizes for the top ten winners in each tier.
    On top of that:
  • All of the Great Hunt caves will be opening, offering bonus XP and gold for all the boss kills.
  • Foray bosses have massively increased XP and gold rewards.
  • Invasions will be breaking out on the Elemental Planes, also offering boosted XP for kills of hostile elementals.
  • The Gnolls of Manara Burrow will be spreading their influence to the Granite Hills in great number for all lower level players to enjoy!

Good luck!