A Tournament of Names

As a dark-hulled ship rolled into the harbour of Tasur’ke, Achaeans were greeted by the familiar, but long-absent face of Haidar the Lion.

The Kashari rebel immediately sought the location of Kavaya, his former associate and fellow escapee from the peculiar continent’s harsh and unforgiving ways.

There, in the camp amid the hills, Haidar offered a retelling of an ancient tradition:

“Every century, the owners of Kashari slaves allowed one from each household to pit themselves against the others in order to earn their family name. In earning this name, a slave earns his freedom. He can sign for himself, he may have a family, he can own property, he is considered a member of society.”

“Famous among my kinsmen is the warrior poet Lucaine Pyramides. He escaped slavery in Kashar and granted himself a surname. This is not the proper procedure. I am known as the Lion because I do not have a surname. I did not participate in this barbaric and horror-laden tradition. Instead, Kavaya and myself escaped our captivity. Our story is known to the
lore-masters among you and need not be retold here.”

“Nevertheless, it is this tradition I will be sharing with you on the 12th of Ero, 840 AF. It will last for six days, or until one slave remains standing, whichever comes first.”

“I bring this to your shores so that you may join with me in remembering a terrible crime against my people, and also so that those who wish to may experience what it is to fight ceaselessly simply to be recognised with the greatest gift that should have been innate to us all, a name. In the process of winning you may realise that you also deny others the chance to do so in their lifetimes.”

“Participants will fight as the slaves did: barely armed and at odds with all others of their kind. The winner will not be afforded a name, as this is a luxury you already enjoy. Instead, great honour and riches will be bestowed upon them.”

Having thrown down the gauntlet to all of Sapience, Haidar began accepting entrants. Atalkez Al’Jafri was the first to seize this gauntlet, and many others soon followed.

Time will unveil the victor.


Some clarifications for participants and spectators alike:

This will be a 6 hour PK contest held on September 26th, it begins at midday GMT (see UPCOMING.)

The winner will earn 2000 bound credits, a unique honours line, and a special challenger’s horn.

All participants will earn an honours line.

Contenders will become a Kashari character in the class of their choice, this will be by command at the start of the contest – see UPCOMING

Contenders will be level 80 with most general skills transcendent, and their class skills transcendent.

Contenders will have 5000 bound credits with which to buy artefacts.

Contenders will have a full complement of vials and curatives, selling/trading these is not permitted.

Contenders will have a gold amount at the start and begin in a starting shop. Sharing gold/items from this location is not permitted with other contenders or the general public.

As each contender enters the contest they will have an hour of grace for setup time. This time can be used to setup curing/systems or purchase artefacts and supplies. This grace can be renounced early, it cannot be extended.

Each participant will have three lives, and no starburst effects accessible.

Die three times and you are out of the contest.

Disconnection or journalling or hiding in any similar fashion for 30 minutes or more will result in a loss of a life. Do so for an hour and you lose two lives.

Lives can be replenished by removing other contenders from the contest (killing off their final life), this remains capped at three.

Contenders will not earn or lose experience.

Kills will be tracked in case of multiples still alive at the end of the contest. If more than one contender is alive at the end there will be a single area deathmatch to determine the winner.

All other contenders will be considered an enemy, allies will not be available.

Contenders will be able to pinpoint the location of other contenders at all times.

Immolation in the Yggdrasil flame will not be possible, recovery from death is by embrace only.

Do not accept assistance from outsiders.

Do not intentionally attack outsiders.

The following are entirely offlimits:
Refuge areas (isolation, nirvana, etc. Chaos plane is permitted for pacting.)
Cities and non-public organisation property.

Signup with Haidar ahead of time to secure your place:
Say I wish to earn my name as a member of the class
Give Haidar the 100,000 when prompted.
Once you have signed up you cannot change your class choice. Choose wisely.


If you are not participating in this contest officially DO NOT INTERFERE. You will be shrubbed for at least the duration of the contest if you do and may affect the competition for the contender you are attempting to help.

Outsiders should avoid contender fighting. If you are unlucky enough to die from contender fighting you have no recourse, you cannot hire and you cannot issue. Let it go. If you do not wish to die to a room attack, stay away from places where contenders are fighting.