A busy week for roleplay!

What an eventful week for roleplay (and combat) this has been! In case you have missed it, here is a brief rundown of some notable happenings.

Eleusis and the Aalen Tsol’aa began the week by cooperating for a mysterious ritual that many are still wondering about.

In Ashtan, progress was finally made on a shadowy conspiracy involving apocalyptic prophecies and disappearances, its citizens finding a likely culprit.

Cyrene, the once isolationist city, pulled its army together and decided that enough was enough, striking back at their enemies and leaving them bewildered with their newfound military might and confidence.

Hashan turned inward, a certain mouthy publican compelling the city government to clean up the streets – quite literally!

Mhaldor was given a great gift by their God of Evil, who bestowed the skill of Oppression upon His Infernals, granting them the responsibility to subjugate all of Evil’s enemies with the great new powers they now bear.

Targossas began the week by declaring a more aggressive policy for excommunication, ensuring that the gifts of Devotion are barred from those who are not true believers. The Goddess of Light then gifted the city with a fountain from sunken Shallam, only mildly annoyed by the insistence of some citizens on drinking the water.

Finally, we have reached the end of an era. The Prophet of Babel, Flair Ze’Dekiah, was bestowed a great honour: he was appointed the Supreme Pontiff of the Outer Planes, departing the Prime Material and Achaea to serve in the Unspoken City. His legacy remains with his friends, the Cult of Oblivion, and the City of Ashtan, who recognise this moment as bittersweet.