Warding of the Aalen

King Tu’eras,

As you commanded, here are the details regarding my studies abroad. I apologise for my liberal interpretation of your command, but I thought it best to explore every avenue available to me.

I began my journey in the Village of Eleusis, where Exivus led a ritual hoping to gain the attention of the Ladies Artemis and Gaia once more. Many of the Villagers showed up for the ritual, and I found it very touching. I suppose time will tell if it was successful or not…

Following Eleusis, I travelled to Hashan. Asani instructed me on the nature of their Wellspring – something the Tsol’teth helped in accessing I believe – before conducting a ritual which alters the probabilities surrounding a person. Supposedly, this increases one’s good fortune. I did not encounter any trouble upon the road, so I like to think it worked. Once the ritual was over, an insane girl known as Tesha kidnapped me and forced me to stare at ducks. I’m not entirely sure why she felt this was important, perhaps some cult devoted to the worship of waterfowl.

The next stop on my journey was Targossas. Yen, a ritualist there, instructed me on the historical topic of ritualism and Good: an original ritual involving the Chalice of Purity; Flame ritualism bestowed by Lord Deucalion; and lastly a small ritual involving imbuing Devotional energies into two dormant Exarchs. Vasher then killed himself by drinking the waters there. Suicidal tendencies might be something to note of the people there.

After a long trek, I arrived in Cyrene next. Keorin led a ritual in honour of a spirit known as Bairn Muurn. Citizens deposited all sorts of items that the spirit enjoys – specifically sweets – into a basket meant for the spirit. Unrelated, but the Cyrenians have many fantastic things to offer in the realms of food and drink. One thing that does not fit into either category is an overtly spicy burger.

Indulging in the Cyrenian treats was probably a terrible idea in hindsight because my next stop was the city of Mhaldor, and the treats do not taste the same travelling in reverse. Stheno led a ritual with the intent of cursing a member of the Al’Jafri family. I’m not entirely certain what this person did but it must have been terrible, based on the contents of the ritual. I will not go into detail for your own benefit but suffice to say it was a very traumatic experience.

The last leg of my journey was the city of Ashtan. Jinsun led a ritual involving a mask of Flair’s, formed from Aalen redwood it seems. Shirszae literally held me down and forced me to combine my own blood with that of the Ashtani for the rite. Luckily I have not noticed any lasting effects so far.

Following our initial conversation, I conducted the ritual you commanded. You already know the details of this as you saw the result, though the first attempt failed miserably. Fortunately, I had the help of some of the Villagers to correct my mistakes: Vinceres, Tofi, Tukio, Exivus, Mina, Aelyn, Abuha, Eleazar, Shihai, and Torrent. Shirszae also helped, but this consideration does not excuse her previous crimes against my person.

I am unsure how exactly these things further your plans, but I hope I have done my part to your liking. At the very least I believe the newly-created memorial to your father will remain safe.

Yours to command,