Bug Fixing!

Here are some bug fixes!

  • Wonders talisman pieces will now redeem for 10cr.
  • Sword and Board attacks against mobs will scale speed and damage properly based on attack type.
  • You can no longer finish a consecration as a soul.
  • Algiz runes will no longer offer any benefit whatsoever in combat against other players for non-Runewardens.
  • Artefact discount vouchers may now be used to purchase artefact powers.
  • Smokebombs will now affect all players, rather than just the user’s enemies.
  • It is no longer possible to throw the haunch of meat from the Great Rock quest. For reasons.
  • Duels to the death will no longer drop infamy.
  • City-specific dragon quests will no longer appear in the adventurer’s tome.
  • It is no longer possible to force another player to draw a legend card.
  • Upon ordering an urn mount to go home, the mount will now always accompany you, rather than staying behind if it wasn’t in your entourage.
  • Wights will no longer have a small percentage chance to drain anywhere up to and including 100% of a player’s maximum health on attack.
  • Voyagers will no longer be stranded, with no escape from Maya’s Sundered Pearl.
  • Players may no longer earring to Icosse’s prison.
  • For the third, and hopefully final, time, totems will no longer be implantable in tents.
  • Sculpting gain against denizens will be more consistent.
  • It is no longer possible to salvage in a natural harbour.