Occultist Updates!

The Occultist class has undergone significant revisions. I am usually pretty hesitant to fundamentally change how a class plays, as I appreciate that this can inconvenience both established and learning players significantly. However, in this case the last major update to Occultist fixed a lot of problems while introducing several more. Whether it was being too linear to overly dependent on time-based incurable statuses, there was not really a way to fix these issues under the former design. In addition, I have come to believe that a lot of thematic impact was lost with the previous domination update; it is my hope that we have brought much of this back in a much more balanced and scalable way.

For Occultist players and those interested in the changes, you will want to direct your attention to the following ability files (some are new):


  • Enervate.
  • Devolve.
  • Instill.
  • Whisperingmadness.
  • Enlighten.


  • Ruinate.


  • Just about everything, but most critically Primebond.

I will also take this opportunity to note that we have moved the ability to exile players from the Chaos Court into player hands. An appointed citizen of Ashtan now controls this much like the other factions.

If you’re encountering any difficulties, be they theoretical or mechanical, you are welcome to message me as usual.