1st Raffle Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

The first of our raffles has been drawn with Majin claiming the first prize of anything from our recently closed auctions! 9 other lucky winners took home credits or Mayan crowns!

Winner: Majin (an auction artefact from the recent auctions of his choice!)
2nd place (500 credits): Limea
3rd place (500 credits): Amanda
4th place (500 credits): Fynn
5th place (500 credits): Aleth
6th place (2 Mayan crowns): Lyrikai
7th place (2 Mayan crowns): Marxi
8th place (2 Mayan crowns): Minifie
9th place (2 Mayan crowns): Crixos
10th place (2 Mayan crowns): Iaxus

Everyone else got 2 bound credits per ticket they had in the raffle!

To earn tickets in the next raffle you can spin the Wheel of Fortune with a prismatic token (every token spin earns a ticket) and you get a free ticket when you reach the renown cap on any given day during the month!

Remember, we’ll be drawing another one at the end of March, that raffle begins now!