Here Be Krakens!

Alongside new voyages and seamonster changes, we’re making some tweaks to seamonster combat and fixing some long-standing bugs.

  • Seamonsters will no longer stop attacking entirely after they’ve lost all targets and are re-engaged.
  • Seamonsters will no longer waste attacks on sunken ships.
  • Seamonsters will no longer target a sunken ship when there is another ship to target nearby.
  • Rather than lurking when they’ve lost their target, seamonsters will return, deeper into the areas of sea they roam.
  • Seamonsters will no longer batter a shielded ship forever. Seamonster attacks that fail due to windshield have a chance to break the shield (higher chance for higher level monsters).
  • Ships that are already sinking will have a low chance to sink outright each time their hull is damaged by a seamonster.

Enjoy and keep a weather eye out, should the ocean turn black you may wish to turn back.