Oceanic Updates!

As we get ready to release our at sea quests in the near future, we’ve been going over the data for seamonster trophy turn ins and have made some adjustments. Read on!

As a little background into the design of this system, the aim is to reward people who can take a ship with a crew and go adventuring on the high seas. With this in mind the first alteration is that the gold reward for “normal” seamonsters has been reduced.

Normal seamonsters are your standard megalodon, shraymor, angler fish, and sargassum.

Secondly there is also a daily prize cap on normal and easy seamonster trophies. This is a global cap, Casov will stop paying out for these trophies once that cap is reached. This will reset at Serenade.

With these tweaks made we have also increased the gold rewards for the more difficult and “unicorn” seamonsters, up to 100,000 gold for a trophy in some cases!