Combat Updates!

We’ve made some updates to the raiding system with tanks and guards and introduced a new config!

  • Infamy gain from slaying guards now applies to all that participated in the kill, and caps out at a higher threshold (still lower than theft, but substantially greater than previously).
  • Infamy loss to guard deaths has been reduced.
  • You can no longer RETRIEVE TANKS. Instead, one will be drawn from your reserve when you ACTIVATE TANK in a hostile city.
  • You can no longer ACTIVATE or CAPTURE tanks in rooms that have an active guard presence.
  • In the past we’ve been fairly relaxed about vigilante justice concerning very large guard raids: a single bounty was rarely representative of the loss such raids could incur. In light of these infamy changes, that won’t be the case going forward. Please bear that in mind!
  • You can now CONFIG SEEASSISTS! This is OFF by default, but when enabled will upgrade your deathsights to include a total number of players who assisted in the kill.