Scrapper Updates!

All through November the team has been watching scrappers in action and making updates and alterations as per your suggestions!

  • If you’ve set a name for one of your scrappers, it’ll now show up in deployment menus.
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows total number of kills your scrapper has landed over the course of its life.
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows whether your scrapper has been fed a treat this month yet.
  • In the same vein as RPWHO and SPARWHO, we now have SCRAPPERWHO for those seeking battle partners!
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows you what stats you rolled, so you don’t have to keep track of this yourself over the course of a scrapper’s leveling.
  • You can now append the level you wish to reroll when using SCRAPPER FEED. If you don’t specify a level it defaults to the most recent.
  • Scrappers now have a base attack, to reduce the pain of your scrapper having very low attack at low levels. This will not have a significant impact at higher levels.
  • There is a new CONFIG, IGNORESCRAPPERS to ignore scrapper attacks when you are not engaged in a scrapper battle.
  • You can now SCRAPPER LIST to see all of your scrappers and a brief rundown on their various statistics.
  • Elixirs of life enhancement have had the xp bonus they convey raised from 10% to 25%.
  • Scrappers will now follow you (if possible: same room/elevation/etc) when they undeploy due to being defeated, a match ending, etc.
  • Selecting “no” at the concede confirmation prompt in the battle menu should now correctly clear previous selections. If you encounter any other cases that have a similar issue, please message me – these are now trivial to resolve.
  • If you end your turn without a scrapper deployed, you are ejected from the match.
  • Scrappers no longer heal fully if they level up while deployed.
  • A scrapper’s level and prestige is now shown on the PROBE output.
  • The person who initiated the scrapper battle will now see a new option in their menu permitting them to start the battle early once a second player has joined, in the event that they start a battle for up to a higher number of players but unexpectedly lose participation.
  • The Scrapper battle initiation message now includes the number of scrappers that each player may deploy in its text.