Our minipet expansion system, SCRAPPERS, is now live! We hope that this encourages you to get that poor otter out of that crate and find it a loving home!

Scrappers allows you to register your minipets as scrappers and use them to battle other scrappers, levelling them up to be fighting machines, or even collecting minipets to exchange for snazzy prestiged versions!

HELP SCRAPPERS has all of the details but here’s a brief overview of the commands and info to get you started right away. 

Visit Jovan or Elma and SCRAPPER REGISTER <minipetID> 

This will cost 25,000 gold and upgrade a standard minipet into a default prestige scrapper at level 1 with health(hp), attack(atk), and defence(def) stats. 

View all information about your scrapper! 

Also has more command options!

Everything scrapper battling! Just follow the menu prompts!

All scrappers have access to a set of four different attacks, unlocked sequentially as they reach levels 1, 3, 12, and 20. 

Prestiged scrappers have higher potential for health, attack, and defence gain upon level up, and also start with a higher base health. 

Take two of the same type scrappers to either Jovan or Elma and use the following command while you have 10,000 gold in hand: 
SCRAPPER EXCHANGE <scrapperID> and <scrapperID> 

The two scrappers must be level 5 or greater and of the same prestige type (default, bronze, silver) 

The two default scrappers will be taken from you and exchanged for a level 1 bronze scrapper of the same type!

To create a silver prestige scrapper you will need 2 bronze prestige scrappers of the same type.

To create a gold prestige scrapper you will need 2 silver prestige scrappers of the same type. 

Most artefact pets will also be able to be turned into scrappers, see HELP PETS for all the details on that. 

Happy Scrapping!