Smörgåsbord of News

December Quest Update

We’re super excited to announce our next big game update: honours level city exclusive quests and a whole hoard of content for ships and seafarers!

Most of this update will be geared towards completing quests as groups. Particularly, city-specific content which will help to inspire bonding and cultural identity strengthening within the factions. Oh, and they’ll all have a world-shaking impact too!

Meanwhile, at sea we’ll be creating a slew of quests just for ships, their captains, and their crew!

For the next four weeks, we’re hosting a story-writing contest. The contest is a unique opportunity for lucky player to have a seafaring story of your own imagining implemented into this system! Check out Nicola’s post on the forums by clicking here.

One More Day for Fighting Pits

If you are enjoying the fighting pits which are overseen by Ermintrude Goree, you only have one more day to participate before they disappear until the next Mayaween.

See HELP MAYAWEEN if you are not sure what to do. Don’t forget that you can get racetrack tickets with all credit purchases this month!

Recent Bug Fixes

  • Access to House PROJECTS (both viewing and editing) is now accessible as house powers, to be modified by the house leader or ruling council. At the time of posting, the power to view projects defaults to rank 1 across all houses for the sake of convenience.
  • The SEARING GLYPH talisman will no longer function against sea monsters.
  • A Depthswalker’s FULCRUM will no longer be removed after certain failed attempts to return to it.
  • The DEMOLITION SPHERE talisman will now properly show destroyed walls in adjacent rooms.
  • Throwing a butterfly bomb will now respect the Ama-maalier legenddeck card.
  • Players deepsea diving will no longer find themselves randomly drowned under unusual circumstances.
  • DURESS STORMFRONT and the PAZUZU legenddeck card will no longer prevent a player from entering a sewer grate.
  • ENGAGE will now proc on players entering a sewer grate.
  • The LIGHTBIND affliction will now clear when the afflicting Psion dies.
  • LESSERFORM will no longer allow Blademasters to wield shields.
  • SPECIALISATIONS will now list beverages specialisations alongside other specs.
  • Removing an Incandescent Sigil will now properly remove the item’s effect.
  • Multi-purpose cranes will no longer cause problems when attempting to salvage.
  • INCOMPREHENSIBILITY now properly affects emotes.
  • Deleted Blademaster swords will no longer prevent players from obtaining a new sword in rare cases.
  • METAMORPHOSIS TRUMPET will no longer disrupt players that are immune to being disrupted.
  • It is now impossible to fall while under the influence of the Ama-maalier legenddeck card, even if unable to fly.
  • Issues with SUBLIMATION IMPOSITION not affecting costs have been resolved.
  • Stacking afflictions (such as wrist fractures) will now send GMCP affliction messages at all stages.
  • Automatic defup of ZEAL blessings will no longer use old syntaxes.
  • Various instances of serverside curing spamming defences have been fixed.
  • WORM RESONANCE now respects the mindseye tattoo.
  • Jesters are no longer able to build stutter stacks on themselves.
  • Elemental lords may no longer use suicide mice.
  • Various typos and helpfile issues have been fixed.

Foraging Updates

  • Base forager damage has been increased slightly.
  • Forager’s damage is now boosted more by their level than previously.
  • You will now receive some information based on how battles went when your foragers encounter conflict. It does not tell you when battles are avoided, as this could potentially happen a great number of times in one round and inundate you with messages.
  • If your foragers are now avoided, they will seek out another potential target. this will continue until they find a viable target or until all potential targets have talked their way out of battles with you for that round.
  • The chance to talk your way out of a fight now goes down the more of your foragers that are dead when adopting a DIPLOMATIC approach.
  • You can now FORAGERS SCOUT BRIEF|THOROUGH. Brief scouting works as previously with the same gold cost, thorough scouting will tell you how many bands are already scouring an area but will cost 1000 gold.
  • Commodities now spawn a third of the seasons worth each month of that season, rather than all spawning at once on the first month.
  • Wood production has been raised by 30% across all areas.
  • Forager wages (the gold incurred when sending out a band) have been raised. We’ll continue to monitor this value to ensure its within reasonable limits.

PVE Damage Changes

We’ve been looking at damage against mobs across the various classes and will be making some changes here going forward, to bring up the weaker candidates to a more standard level of strength. While doing this we’ve gone through and made the various elemental lords now scale their PVE damage with stats: specifically the intelligence stat. While strength does thematically fit earth lord better in this respect, we feel making earth lords purchase a separate artefact to maximise PVE damage when the other three lord forms can benefit from the collar post changes would pose an unnecessary limitation.

Essentially, you will now do more damage as elemental lords in PVE and can raise this further with intelligence modifiers and/or magic damage collars.