Crafting Contests Results!

Amarisse has judged and decide the winners for the Cooking and Furnishing design contests!

The cooking theme was SAVOURY and the mandatory ingredient was PEAR.
The furnishing theme was GIANT and the mandatory material was BONE.

Thanks to everyone who made a submission, the winning designers are as follows:

Category: Licensed Cook

1st place is Skye!
2nd place is Stheno!
3rd place is Halos!

Category: Unlicensed Cook

1st place is Jurixe!
2nd place is Frances!
3rd place is Crixos!

Category: Licensed Furnisher

1st place is Shirszae!
2nd place is Skye!
3rd place is Ellodin!

Category: Unlicensed Furnisher

1st place is Jurixe!
2nd place is Stefana!
3rd place is Frances!